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We Handle Lift and Shift Data Migration Enterprise Applications Fast Prototyping

Relevant Solutions
one service at a time

Lift & Shift

Complete migration of applications and / or data to the Cloud.

Rapid Prototyping

Short iteration cycles aimed at validating assumptions around a partial migration.

Internal Apps

Tactical tools developed using G-Suite, AWS or Office 365 to optimize operational and human workflows.


BI and data visualizations based on data lakes or streaming / near-real-time data sources.

Data Intelligence

Leverage all data production points

Implement data ingestion mechanisms at scale and identify opportunities for machine learning and pattern recognition.

Dev Lifecycle

  • Analyze
  • Validate patterns against success metrics
  • Iterate
  • Course-correct based on revised assumptions
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Core Tennets


Propose sensible solutions commensurate with the business problem


Assume things will change and prepare accordingly


Deliver relevant solutions that solve real-world problems


Offer metrics based insights into the process