CloudShift it

We Handle Lift and Shift Data Migration Enterprise Applications Fast Prototyping


Cloud Breadth and Depth

Our knowledge of the rich Cloud eco-system allows us to quickly identify the most suitable platform for any business challenge.

Our Picks

How we chose to categorize the tools available to us

We have come to know and respect the very unique strengths associated wuth each of the offerings below.

  • Development

    Google Cloud

    Time to Market

    Google App Engine, App Maker, App Scripts and Cloud Functions for custom applications and tools development.

  • Infrastructure

    Amazon Web Services

    Fine Grained IT Control

    Amazon IAM, VPCs, Security Groups and CloudTrail when fine grained controls over all aspects of the IT infrastructure is required.

  • Business Tools

    Microsoft Azure


    Microsoft Azure when apps and tools need to be seamlessly integrated with Office 365 in a Windows-based environment.

  • Languages

    JS, GO and PY


    Node JS for its ubiquity, GO for it's C-like simplicity and to carry out CPU-intensive processes and Python for its ML and AI data-manipulation libraries.'