CloudShift it

We Handle Lift and Shift Data Migration Enterprise Applications Fast Prototyping


Leveraging The Modern Cloud

From web-scale, decoupled, highly available and performant applications to simple and practical internal applications.

Core Competencies

A dedicated team of developers with exceptional domain expertise and a laser-sharp focus on delivering measurable value.

Cloud Migration

Shift applications and data to the cloud and leverage Managed Services to reduce operation costs.

API Development

Discrete business functions build on top of AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions.

Streaming Data

Collection and real-time analytics of event-based data using services like Amazon Kinesis.

Fast Prototyping

Proof-of-Concept development in short cycles to validate base assumptions.

Machine Learning

Tactical data mining to identify significant business or systemic patterns.

Task Automation

Automate the response to fail-safe scenarios using a combination of log-monitoring and rules-based triggers.


Google Cloud specific solutions with App Maker or Google App Scripts.

OPS Bots

Chat bots integrated with Skype, Slack or Alexa aimed at streamlining access to core business functions.